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The usual applications for polished pebbles and chips are in hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, shopping malls and commercial and government offices. However, some more lucrative ones include that of Interior and Exteriors, Landscaping, Wall Cladding, Courtyards, Pathways, Garden Landscaping, Waterfalls, Fountains, Aquarium, etc.

The second category of products i.e. gemstones / semi-precious stones have attractive features that can be used for healing, peace of mind, positive energy, medicinal range, astrological aspects, reiki, relaxation, meditation, chakras, feng-shui, reiki, spa-therapy, massage, trendy looks, accessories, fashion icons and many more in the list. You may also find some of the pictures as shown.

Again this 2nd category of products is also used for the development of Animals & Plants which seems a bit newer concept and still an unexplored field. It has been proved that the healing properties of crystals / stones work wonders on cats and dogs and every living beings on this planet