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Crystals are the offspring of Heaven and Earth’s marriage. Since the beginning of formation of this universe, they are and will be an active part of earth’s crust. Everything in the universe is composed of ever-moving atomic particles and the atoms of all crystals are quite active. They are used as mystical tools, energy generators, communication enhancers and medical instruments.

Primitive men used rocks and crystals for performing various rituals and spiritual healing. They were also used as jewellery, beauty and persona enhancement. These days, you will find their applications in radios, watches and various communication equipments. All these leads to the solution about the wonderful and wide range of applications of crystals and how they can be used best to live life best. Even our body is formed of various minerals just like how crystals are formed – that makes a definite relationship and friendship between them and us.

A thorough and perfect knowledge of crystals lets you lead a harmonious life. They work wonders to your imaginations, thoughts and creativity. 


Crystal healing for animals is a newer healing modality for animal caregivers. The use of crystals dates back to at least 25,000 BC. One of the very wonderful aspects which I came across during my experiences with stones / crystals is that they not only work for human beings but also for animals, pets, plants and any living beings on this universe. In certain instances, dogs and cats have shown surprising results and attraction towards crystals and stones with a positive frame of development in them. The power of healing crystals can greatly influence the brightness and vitality of animal chakras.

Crystals and stones can help heal on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level in case of animals or / and human beings such as:

  Respiratory, circulatory, and digestive conditions

  Anxiety, fear, and aggression

  Wounds, inflammation, and arthritis

  Hormonal and compulsive behavioral issues


The owner’s father Mr. Jagdishchandra Pandya is a Reiki Master himself with a thorough knowledge of Reiki’s benefits, use and applications. He also knows the Crystal & Pendulum Therapy including its perfect way to look into various charts. In any case you find your interest towards this area; you are most welcome to enquire about the same anytime. He runs professional classes to make people understand their own body and leading a stress-free life.


Just for today, I will let go of anger.
Just for today, I will let go of worry.
Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
 Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.


It is indeed wonderful to know and understand the aspects of the above said terms. In a way they are all inter-related. By way of Meditation & Crystals used for Healing one can attain proper Chakra Balancing. This itself makes way for a powerful Aura and at the same time there are chances of getting deeper into your ownself and understanding the motive behind your birth. Each individual is born with a specific purpose on this earth and he or she should make efforts to know it by the above means.

Crystals also helps in dealing with Intuition & Clairvoyance if proper channel is followed and your mind is away from the materialistic world i.e. pure intentions are very necessary for doing so. Certain individuals are born gifted with such ability to see future and if they make little efforts like following Reiki & Meditation, it gives them more and more insight for doing so. In this way, we can help and advise so many people for their betterment making this world a better place to live. It also makes way for awakening Kundalini Shakti, which is a very slow process and only certain divine souls can reach that point.




 Pronunciation "choh-koo-ray"

Alias: "The Power Symbol"


 Meaning: "God and Man Coming Together" or "I have the key"

 The primary use of this Symbol is to increase Reiki power. It draws Energy from around you and it focuses it where you want to.

Make the sign over the client (or yourself) and say (silently) the words Cho Ku Rei 3 times.

It is the all-purpose symbol. It can be used for anything, anywhere;

* For on the spot treatments

* To cleans negative energies

* Spiritual protection

* On food, water, medicine, herbs

* In sick rooms and hospitals

* To aid manifestation

* To empower other Reiki Symbols

* To seal energies after the treatment, etc.

If you wish to use the symbol to bring Energy to yourself, reverse it.



 Pronunciation: say-hay-key

Alias: The Mental/Emotional Symbol



Meaning: God and Man Coming Together or Key to the Universe

It is used primary for mental/emotional healing and calming the mind. It is very good for:

* Psychic protection

* Cleansing

* In meditations to activate Kundalini

* To balance the right and left brain

* Aid for removing addictions

* For healing past traumas

* Clears emotional blockages and aligns the upper chakras.

* Remove negative energies and bad vibrations

Sei He Ki restores emotional balance and harmony.



Pronunciation: Hanh-shah-zay-show-nen

Alias: The Distance Symbol


Meaning: The God ( The Buddha, the Christ,..) in Me Greets the God in You to Promote Enlightenment and Piece

This is the Distant Healing Symbol and it is used to send Reiki over distance and time (past,present, future), to anyone and anything.

It is also drawn when sending a distant attunement.



Pronunciation: Tam-ara-sha

Alias: The Balanicg Factor


It is a balancing/unblocking Symbol.

* Grounds and balances energy

* Helps to unblock the energy chakra centres allowing the energy to flow

* If signed over pain helps to reduce it or dissipate it.




 Pronunciation: dye-ko-me-o

Alias: The Master Symbol

It is the most powerful symbol in the Reiki group. It can be used only by Reiki Masters.

This symbol is used to heal the soul. Since it deals with the soul and our spiritual self it heals disease and illness from the original source in the aura/energy fields.

It helps to provide enlightenment and piece. It also allows to become more intuitive and psychic.

With practice this symbol brings profound life changes.


They can be activated in any of the following ways:

* By drawing them with your palm centre

* BY drawing them with your finger

* By visualizing them

* By drawing them with your third eye

* By spelling the symbol's name three times.

You can use whatever method you wish, but don't forget that it's the intent that counts.

Where to apply them during a healing?

First place the symbol(s) on your own hands/palms and then redraw or visualise the same symbols on:

* The clients crown chakra

* The areas to be treated (if known)

* The clients hands/palms

If you can not recall a Reiki symbol, use the "alias", because both have the same energy.

With practice the symbols will become less relevant and the focus will change to the "intent" of the specific energies required.