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Jet Top Grade Beautiful Pranic Crystal Quartz Disintegrator 8 Faceted Healing Reiki Energy Cleansing Free Booklet Crystal Therapy

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Approx. 5"- 6". Top Quality A Grade Crystal Pranic Disintegrator. Kindly note that since these are handcrafted items, there always exists slight deviations in sizes. However the healing qualities and metaphysical properties remains excellent.
Crystal Quartz - This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations. Keeps you in touch with your spiritual side, and reminds you that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. All spiritual pursuits can be stimulated and amplified using this stone's energy. It helps you to be receptive to higher guidance. Amplifies, focuses, stores, transforms, energizes. Perfect for focusing affirmations and prayers. Stimulates psychic perception. What is the purpose of a disintegrator? The main purpose of the disintegrator is to disintegrate elementals and old thought forms that you want to remove from the patient. This crystal is much more efficient than any other crystal for Pranic Psychotherapy. How is it different from a laser crystal? How do you use it? A Laser Crystal normally is used for cleaning and energizing the Chakras using Advanced Pranic Healing for that. While the Disintegrator is more indicated for Pranic Psychotherapy.
PRANIC HEALING Pranic Healing is a no touch, non-invasive healing technique that was founded by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It is a synthesis of healing techniques from ancient China, Tibet and India in which Prana is used to heal a wide variety of illnesses. Pranic Healing is not only used to cure illness or physical ailments but also can be cure person of his psychological ailments. To be very simple in this computer age as the computer contains the hardware and the software. In human body hardware is our physical body and the software’s are the Human emotions which includes Anger, Grief, Anxiety, Stress , fatigue, our karmas, pride, fear, Phobias and many more. These human viruses affect the physical body of a person. In Pranic healing Grand Master Choa kok Sui has taught to remove these negative emotions from our system in a very simple but powerful and effective way. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui did lot of research and experiment for treating different diseases and ailments and made is very simple so that anybody can learn it. Today Pranic healing is taught and practiced in more than 80 countries of the world and its books are available in more than 34 languages. Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox western medicine, but rather to complement it. Countless people and their families have been treated and are enjoying a better quality of life through Pranic Healing.
How to use it? 1) Start the healing with general sweeping, just as stated on the instructions of the Pranic Psychotherapy book, from Master Choa Kok Sui 2) Energize the patient's chakra with electric violet prana with your hand with the command of releasing all negative elementals and negative thought-forms of the patient; 3)With the round base of the Disintegrator pointing up and its point towards the ground, you do the up to down movements, with the command of disintegrating the harmful energy 4) Normally energize the chakra using your hand, following the instructions of Pranic Psychotherapy book. After the healing session, remember to thoroughly clean the Disintegrator, with green to clean any contamination and electric violet prana to clean any psychological contamination. Natural stones and Crystals have mystical powers to Heal and energize. Mankind is fascinated by these Healing crystals from ancient time. Crystal healing or crystal therapy is widely used in Pranic healing, Crystal healing, Reiki, Vaastu shastra and many other healing modalities. Prana Crystals features wide range of Crystal healing products such Tumbled stones, Shree Yantra, Crystal Carvings, Crystal gifts, Healing Pendants, Crystal Pyramids, Wands, Massage sticks, 7 Chakra wands, 7 Chakra pendants, Worry stones, Palm stones, Healing stones, Star of David pendant, Pendulums, Balls/Sphere, Hearts, Shiva lingam, Ganesha Statue, Carved healing Angels, Obelisk, Merkaba, Buddha Carving, Beggar Beads, Rosary stones and many other products specially handcrafted from natural stones like Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Agate, Blood Stone, Black Tourmaline, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Howlite, Black obsidian, Fluorite, Labrodorite and countless range of Natural Stones and Crystals.
Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruach or the Breath of Life in Hebrew. Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself and that the healing process is accelerated by increasing this life force that is readily available from the sun, air and ground to address physical & emotional imbalances. Master Choa Kok Sui says "Life Energy or prana is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of Life Energy. Based on this principle, a healer can draw in Pranic Energy or Life Energy from the surroundings." Pranic Healing requires no drugs, gadgets, not even physical contact with the subject. Physical contact is not required because the practitioner is working on the bioplasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body. This energy body, or aura, is the mold or blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. It is the energy body that absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body, to the muscles, organs, glands, etc. The reason Pranic Healing® works on the energy body is that physical ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura before manifesting as problems in the physical body.
Best Quality Quartz Crystal Disintegrator. What is Prana? Prana is vital energy. In Hebrew, it is called “ruah.” In Chinese, it is called “chi.” That is why they have Tai chi. In Japanese, it is “ki.” They have Aikido. In Polynesian, it is known as “mana.” In Greek, it is called “pneuma.” In India and in Pranic Healing, it is called “prana.” Can matter-based science detect prana? Just because science is not able to detect and measure life force or prana, it does not mean that prana does not exist or does not affect the health and well-being of the body. In ancient times, people were not aware of the existence of elec¬tricity, its properties and practical uses. But this does not mean that electricity did not exist. One’s ignorance does not change reality; it simply alters the perception of reality, resulting in misperception and misconception of what is and what is not, what can be done and what cannot be done. Where can you get this vital energy or prana? You can get this vital energy from the air; this is called air prana or air vitality globule. From the ground, this is called ground prana. The sun is also a source of vital energy. What is Pranic Healing? Pranic Healing is a compendium of principles and techniques formulated and developed into technologies through numerous experiments and clairvoyant observations by Master Choa Kok Sui to heal the energy body. How does Pranic Healing work? Based on experiments and clairvoyant observation, a sick person has energies within the energy body that look like dirt. It is called diseased energy or simply dirty energy. Pranic Healing works by cleansing or removing the dirty energy from the energy body and by energizing – transferring pranic energy to the patient. Cleansing removes the cause of the ailment and energizing accelerates the healing process of the body. How does energizing accelerate the healing process?

Jet Top Grade Beautiful Pranic Crystal Quartz Disintegrator 8 Faceted Healing Reiki Energy Cleansing Free Booklet Crystal Therapy

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Free 40 Page Booklet on Jet International Crystal Therapy Book provides deep insight about Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Cleansing & Programming Crystals, Use on Pets, Benefits, Applications and many more details. Exclusively Jet International Product. Though all our Products are ENERGIZED, CLEANSED, CHARGED AND PROGRAMMED from our side, we highly recommend to Cleanse them at your end too since it passes through lot many stages before reaching you. The methods & procedure are mentioned in our BOOKLET. The same details can also be researched online via We want that all our customers get BEST BENEFITS out of our products which will assist, guide and help lead a peaceful, prosperous, harmonious, wealthy and healthy life. CRYSTAL THERAPY Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system concerned with treating patients holistically through the precise placement of crystals on the body and the surrounding room. This means that, unlike Western healthcare (which tends to focus on treating one symptom/ailment at a time) crystal therapy addresses the patient as a whole - paying as much attention to his or her spiritual and emotional well-being as to their physical health.

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