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At Jet International. Jatin is a very helpful gentlemen and is passionate about his work. He has a very warm and friendly character and will go out of his way to assist and accommadate people. He helped me find various crystals that I wasn't able to get hold of here in the UK. A true and trusted seller and has been a pleasure to do business with.

November 26, 2012, Jill was Jatin's client

Jill Dennis

Jatin provided me with outstanding healing crystal products. His patience with my process was wonderful, and he did everything he said he would. 

The quality of his products is very high, and I can recommend him and his products to anyone who is looking for healing crystal and healing jewelry.

October 31, 2012, Cymber Lily was a consultant or contractor to Jatin at Jet International

Cymber Lily Quinn

I truly recommend Jatin, for his good work!

Luciana Preuss

As an associate of Mr Pandya, I consider Jatin to be not only a friend, but a rare gem indeed! It is little wonder that he became the founder / sole proprietor of a beautiful blossoming business, Jet International. A company which promotes general health and well being for Body / Mind / Spirit. Jet specialises in selling and distributing high quality products such as; crystals, pebbles as well as an assortment of items used for metaphysical purposes, all at a reasonable cost. 
During Jatin's time in London as a Management graduate, exploring vast cultural diversity left a certain impression upon him. This life changing experience lead Jatin to discover the wonderful world of crystals, working with energy (Reiki) and the amazing healing properties bestowed within. 
For all whom embrace Love n Light energy, whether you be a healer, owner of a crystal shop, or someone who generally seeks to bring more positive light into the world, I would highly recommend Jet International. 
There is also an inspirational blog site if ever in need of words to enlighten the soul. 
For more info, please follow the links below. Thank you! 

In Love, Service & Gratitude! 


Heidi Wilczek

Jatin is a very good person by nature and his profession. He is got a very good knowledge in his domain. I wish him all the success in his life.

Sandeep Periyaswamy

Jatin is a very professional business man, his website is beautiful and his products are of a very high standard. I wish him continued success in his business.

Jo Constantinou

I FULLY recommend purchasing from this lovely supplier Jatin Pandya at Jet Internation. He sell crystals, jewellery and many other products. I have recently had a lot of correspondance with Jatin and he has been very helpful and accomodating towards my specific requirements. The prices are very reasonable as well. A very sincere and genuine man!!

Jill Dennis



This is a meticulous and creative company, appreciates its customers and always tries to do business well.

Victor Logunov

Informative website educational great representation and friendly.

carmenlita busby

What a wonderful service Jatin is providing.. He has some amazing stones to offer each and everyone of us. Truly will enhance with healing's. Love, Light & Peace. May your business continue grow.. Namaste Rev. Heather

Rev. Heather DeLusso

I am happy to recommend Jatin as I have found him to be a delight to work with........ He has been extremely helpful in searching out products that I wished to buy. I found Jatin to have great determination and a beautiful character......... I wish Jatin well in his business and all that he does in his life.

Krystina Louise Valentine

Jet international provides good range of products. I like all products.

Kalpesh Prajapati